Welcome to Max Sieger, our new postdoc!



My name is Max and I am a material scientist from Dresden, Germany. I will continue my work on superconducting tapes as PostDoc in the ULTRASUPERTAPE project under the supervision of Prof. Teresa Puig and I look forward to learn from and collaborate with you!

Also I like sports (running, riding bike and Judo) and travelling sunny countries ;)


You can find him at 1.32 office, next to Mariona Coll!

23th – 31st October: External laboratory stay at the LNCMI in Grenoble

Engaging one of the European Magnetic Field Laboratory (EMFL), two members of the SUMAN group, Dr. Joffre Gutierrez and the PhD student Artur Romanov, departed for a week to the Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses (LNCMI) in Grenoble.

The provided 36 T magnetic fields at LNCMI allow research at conditions usually not available at scientific facilities. With this stay, our group achieved first step stones towards the goal to link transport measurements with vortex dynamics of both commercially available tapes and ICMAB grown thin films at extreme conditions.

Congratulations Laia! Award for the best young researchers presentation at EUCAS 2017 in section “Materials”

On September 21th, our PhD student Laia Soler received the Award for the best young researcher researchers presentation at EUCAS 2017 in section “Materials” for her oral presentation entitled

Mechanisms of novel transient liquid assisted growth for ultrafast production of YBa₂Cu₃O7-x thin films


We want to thank also to all SUMAN participants for their successful oral and poster comunications!

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