Former Students

  • 2022

    1. Pedro Barusco, Development of High Temperature Superconductors Coated Conductors for Resistive Fault Current Limiters with the Current Flow Diverter Architecture, 11/02/2022, PS: postdoc at SUMAN group
    2. Alejandro Fernández-Rodríguez, Field-Induced Revesible Tuning of Oxygen Doping in High-Temperature Superconductors, 04/04/2022, PS: postdoc at SUMAN group
    3. Artur Romanov, Superconducting Coated Conductors for Proton Beam Screens in High-Energy Particle Accelerators, 19/05/2022, PS: postdoc at SUMAN group
  • 2021

    1. Natalia Chamorro, Hybrid approach to obtain high-quality BaMo3 perovskite nanocrystals for YBa2Cu3O7-delta superconducting nanocomposite, 14/01/2021, PS: Postdoc at NANOGUNE, Spain
  • 2020

    1. Júlia Jareño Cerulla, Transient liquid assisted growth of superconducting nanocomposite films, 05/06/2020. PS: R&D project manager at IVALORE (Spain)
    2. Pengmei Yu, Atomic layer deposition: From molecular chemistry to functional oxide coatings, 24/11/2020.
    3. Hailin Wang, Epitaxial growth of complex functional oxide thin films by green and sustainable chemical solution methods, 15/12/2020
    4. Juri Banchewski, Transient Liquid Assisted Growth of YBCO Superconducting Films: Growth Kinetics, Physical Properties and Vortex Pinning, 17/12/2020, PS: R&D department at Zeiss-SMT Germany
  • 2019

    1. Laia Soler Bru, Liquid-assisted ultrafast growth of superconducting films derived from chemical solutions, 01/03/2019. PS: consultant at Zabala Innovation (Spain)
    2. Alexander Stangl, Oxygen kinetics and charge doping for high critical current YBCO films, 20/03/2019. PS: Postdoc stay at Grenoble
    3. Ferran Valles Perez, Vortex pinning and Relaxation mechanisms in nanostructured YBCO thin films grown by chemical solution deposition, 07/05/2019. PS: PTA at ICMAB
    4. Silvia Rasi, Advanced thermal analysis of ReBCO superconductor precursor films and functional oxides, 12/11/2019. PS: postdoc at USA
  • 2018

    1. Xavier Palmer Paricio, Obtención de capas superconductoras y microfibras cerámicas mediante deposición de soluciones químicas, 09/11/2018 PS: LEITAT.
    2. Jordi Martínez-Esaín, The Surface Chemistry of Metal Fluoride Nanocrystals, 31/10/2018, PS: postdoctoral scientist at ICN2.
    3. Bernat Mundet Bolos, Atomic-scale characterization of structural distortions in perovskite oxide thin films, 08/10/2018, PS: postdoctoral stay at the University of Geneva (based at EPFL).
    4. Bohores Villarejo Reina, Synthesis and Growth of Superconducting Coated Conductors from Chemical Solutions, 14/09/2018, PS: Researcher, Saule Technology, Poland.
    5. Ziliang Li, Fast growth of nanostructured coated conductors from chemical solutions, 19/07/2018, PS: Researcher, China. 


  • 2017

    1. Juan Carlos González-Rosillo, Volume resistive switching in metallic perovskite oxides driven by the metal-insulator transition, 26/06/2017, PS: Post-doc,  MIT, Boston, USA.
    2. Changyong Lu, Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic Nanocomposites and Their Applications
      Study, 20/07/2017, PS: Post-doc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


  • 2016

    1. Neus Romà Buyreu, Estudio de soluciones precursoras para el crecimiento de capas superconductoras gruesas por el método de deposición de soluciones químicas, 16/02/2015, PS: Scientific Service Technician, ICMAB, Spain.
    2. Bernat Bozzo Closas, Superconducting joining of melt texture YBCO bulks, 03/02/2016, PS: Scientific Service Technician, ICMAB, Spain.
    3. Ana Esther Carrillo Fernández, Mecanismos de crecimiento y desarrollo microestructural de cerámicas superconductoras texturadas, 08/02/2016, PS: Scientific Service Technician, ICMAB, Spain.
    4. Lidia Ferrer, Cholesterol and compressed CO2: a smart molecular buiding block and advantageous solvent to prepare stable self-assembled colloidal nanostructures, 26/02/2016, PS: NANOMOL Technologies S.L., Spain.
    5. Pablo Cayado Llosa, Multifunctional nanostructured superconductors by chemical routes: towards high current conductors, 17/03/2016, PS: Post-doc, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany.
    6. Alba Garzón Manjón, Synthesis of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Superconducting Nanocomposites and other applications, 04/11/2016, PS: Post-doc , MPI Dusseldorf, Germany.


  • 2015

    1. Albert Queraltó López, Growth of functional oxide heterostructures from chemical solutions using advanced processing mathodologies, 16/02/2015, PS: Post-doc Köln University, Cologne Germany.
    2. Konstantina Konstantopoulou, Mechanical behavior of 2G REBCO HTS at 77 and 300 K, 19/02/2015, PS: Post-doc, CERN, Switzerland.
    3. Rafael Ortega Hernandez, Resistive memory devices based on complex oxides, 18/12/2015, PS: Post-doc UNAM, Mexico.
  • 2014

    1. Marta Vilardell Navarro, Inkjet-printing deposition of ceramic coatings, 8/05/2014, PS: Researcher, D&K Engineering, Sant Cugat, Spain.
    2. Víctor Rouco Gómez, Transport and vortex pinning mechanisms in superconductor ferromagnetic hybrid systems, 26/02/2014, PS: Post-doc Thales- CNRS, Paris, France.
  • 2013

    1. Eduardo Solano Minuesa, Synthesis and characterisation of ferrite nanoparticles for YBa2 Cu3O7δ – Nanocomposite Superconducting Layers: a neutron and synchrotron study, 22/11/2013, PS: Researcher, ALBA Synchrotron, Spain .
    2. Leonardo Pérez Mirabet, Synthesis, characterization and functionalization of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles, TEM Microscopy study, 13/11/2013, PS: Science Teacher, Stucom Centre d’ Estudis, Harrogate, UK
    3. César Fidel Sánchez< /strong>, Crecimiento epitaxial de películas delgadas de YBa2Cu 3O7δ mediante soluciones químicas: análisis in-situ de la nucleación, el crecimiento y la oxigenación, 19/07/2013, PS: Nanomagnetics company, Mexico.
    4. Roger Guzmán Aluja, In-Depth Investigation of the Origin, Evolution and Interaction of Structural Defects in YBCO Nanocomposite Thin Films, 23/12/2013, PS: looking for a Post-doc.
  • 2012

    1. Jone Zabaleta Llorens, Growth and advanced characterization of solution-derived nanoscale La0:7Sr0:3MnO3 heteroepitaxial systems, 19/01/2012, PS: Post-doc Max Planck Intitute for Solid State Research, Solid State Quantum Electronics, Stuttgart, Germany.
    2. Josh Malowney, Ordered Patterns of Functional Oxide Nanostructures Grown from Chemical Solutions, 26/07/2012, PS: Project Engineer, SPIG Inc. San Diego, USA.
  • 2011

    1. Roberto F. Luccas, Estudio de la deformación de la red de vórtices por redes artificiales de defectos mediante decoración magnética Bitter en superconductores de alta temperatura, 06/07/2011, PS: Centro Atómico Bariloche, Argentina
    2. Valentina Roxana Vlad, Growth and characterization of chemical solution based nanostructured coated conductors with CeO2 cap layers, 30/05/2011, PS: Postdoctoral Researcher at SUMAN-ICMAB group
    3. Patricia Abellán Baeza, Transmission electron microscopy study of the interfacial structure of dissimilar materials grown by MOD and their structure-functionality relations,
      05/2011, PS: Researcher, Electron Microscopy Darebusry Laboratory, UK.
    4. Fernando Martínez Julián, Uso de sales inorgánicas y nanopartículas en el crecimiento de capas delgadas superconductoras crecidas por CSD,
      14/01/2011, PS: Post-doc, Instituto Tecnológico de la Energia (ITE), University Jaume I de Castellón, Spain.
  • 2010

    1. Adrián Carretero Genevrier, Synthesis and self-assembly of 1D manganese-based complex oxides from template directed chemical solution deposition, 19/11/2010, PS: Researcher, CNRS, Montpellier, France.
    2. Anna Llordés Gil, Superconducting nanocomposite films grown by chemical solution deposition: synthesis, microstructure and properties, 03/05/2010, PS: Researcher, Energygune, Vitoria, Spain.
    3. César Moreno Sierra, New features in solution derived LSMO thin films: spontaneous outcropping and nanoscale reversible switching, 15/01/2010, PS: Researcher, ICN2, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2009

    1. Katerina Zalamova, Fast growth rate of superconducting coated conductors based on metal-organic chemical solutions, 27/05/2009, PS: Entrepreneur, Barcelona, Spain
    2. Susset Muñoz Pérez, Síntesis, propiedades magnéticas y de transporte del pirocloro Eu2Ru2O7, 18/11/2009, PS: Post-doc, Toronto, Canadá.
    3. Joaquim Lloberas Valls, Hacia el motor superconductor. Motores de flujo axial de campo atrapado con muestras de YBCO, 02/2009, PS: Project Engineer, Electric Engineering Area, IREC, Barcelona, Spain.
    4. Marta Gibert Gutiérrez, Self-assembled strain-induced oxide nanostructures grown by chemical solutions, 09/02/2009, PS: Associated Professor, Université de Genève, Switzerland.
  • 2008

    1. Joffre Gutiérrez Royo, Transport properties and Vortex pinning mechanisms of Nanostructured YBCO thin films and Coated Conductors, 04/06/2008, PS: Científico Titular, ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2007

    1. Jaume Gázquez Alabart, TEM investigation of growth mechanisms and microestructure of model YBCO coated conductor architectures deposited by metalorganic decomposition, 19/01/2007, PS: Ramón y Cajal, ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain.
    2. Mariona Coll Bau, Chemical solution deposition of oxide buffer and superconducting layers for YBCO coated conductors, 12/01/2007, PS: Científico Titular, ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2005

    1. Anna Palau Masoliver, Critical currents and dissipation of grain boundary networks in coated conductors, 28/02/2005, PS: Científico Titular, ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain.
    2. Juan Carlos González, Coated conductors and TFA films: A micro-Raman spectroscopy study, 24/02/2005, PS: Post.doc ICMSE-CSIC, Sevilla, Spain.
    3. Andrea Cavallaro, Optimization of chemical solution deposited buffer layers for YBa2Cu3O7 coated conductor development, 11/07/2005, PS: Post-doc Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials, Imperial College, London
  • 2004

    1. David Martínez Bastidas, Optimización y procesado de materiales superconductores de base mercurio de la familia HgBaCaCuO, 04/2004, PS: Ramón y Cajal, CENIM-CSIC, Madrid, Spain.
    2. Simona Iliescu, Soldaduras superconductoras de cerámicas texturadas de YBCO con soldante de Ag, 10/12/2004, PS: Innovation Manager, CPT- UB, Barcelona, Spain.
    3. Oscar Castaño Linares, Fabricación de cintas superconductoras de YBaCuO de altas corrientes críticas, 06/2004, PS: Rechercher, Bion/non-bio Interactions for Regenerative Medicine Group, IBEC, Barcelona, Spain.

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