#MeetTheExpert: Interview to Teresa Puig as XRE4S energy expert

The R+D+I Network Energy for Society, XRE4S, has launched a series of videos interviewing the XRE4S Director (Manel Sanmartí) and the principal investigator/expert in energy of each of the 35 groups integrating the XRE4S. Today, the floor goes to Teresa Puig to showcase the expertice on high temperature superconductors #FEDERrecerca

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Welcome to Aiswarya Kethamkuzhi!

Aiswarya is a new PhD student that has just started her thesis work at the group, under the direction of Teresa Puig and Joffre Gutiérrez, related to physical properties of nanostructured HTS films grown with TLAG-CSD process.

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