Chemical and Microstructural Nanoscale Homogeneity in Superconducting YBa2Cu3O7–x Films Derived from Metal-Propionate Fluorine-free solutions

Lavinia Saltarelli, Kapil Gupta*, Silvia Rasi, Aiswarya Kethamkuzhi, Albert Queraltó, Diana Garcia, Joffre Gutierrez, Jordi Farjas, Pere Roura-Grabulosa, Susagna Ricart, Xavier Obradors, and Teresa Puig*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2022, 14, 43, 48582-48597

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3 PhD positions to work on “Ultrafast growth for competitive high temperature superconductors” offered @SUMAN-ICMAB-CSIC

The project aims to engage talent young students for a Materials Science doctorate in the field of High Temperature Superconductors (HTS), by investigating the mechanisms of a novel high-throughput growth process, the material microstructure and physics of superconductors.

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#MeetTheExpert: Interview to Teresa Puig as XRE4S energy expert

The R+D+I Network Energy for Society, XRE4S, has launched a series of videos interviewing the XRE4S Director (Manel Sanmartí) and the principal investigator/expert in energy of each of the 35 groups integrating the XRE4S. Today, the floor goes to Teresa Puig to showcase the expertice on high temperature superconductors #FEDERrecerca

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Combinatorial Screening of Cuprate Superconductors by Drop-On-Demand Inkjet Printing

Albert Queraltó*, Juri Banchewski, Adrià Pacheco, Kapil Gupta, Lavinia Saltarelli, Diana Garcia, Núria Alcalde, Cristian Mocuta, Susagna Ricart, Flavio Pino, Xavier Obradors, and Teresa Puig*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2021, 13, 7, 9101–9112Publication Date: February 12, 2021 DOI:

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