StoRIES: the new European network for Energy Storage research and training

StoRIES, the Storage Reseach Infrastructure Ecoy-System, a new European project network where ICMAB participation is lead by Dr. Xavier Granados from SUMAN group, officially kicked off last 25 November 2021 in Ulm, Germany. 

StoRIES, a four-year project, is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program and is led by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). 

ICMAB is partner in this project, which counts with 17 full participants, 30 beneficiaries, 64 research infrastructures5 energy storage technology areas, 17 countries and 80 external supporters.

Research infrastructure network and training for researchers

Energy storage is essential for the energy transition; but no single storage technology available today can meet this challenge on its own. Rather, a combination of different energy storage technologies is required to deliver the expected performance in terms of capacity, flexibility and sustainability. For this reason, the development of new materials and hybrid energy storage solutions are the main focus of the project.

To facilitate this, StoRIES aims to provide users with a shared access world-class research infrastructures network, in order to facilitate the work and exchange between energy storage experts.

The project will also offer education and training for industry, research institutions and young scientists developing innovative hybrid solutions of the future, focusing not only on the purely technical training around energy storage, but also on the surrounding ecological, legal, economic and social aspects.

StoRIES intends to break down the barriers between research fields of today in order to enable mutual understanding and cooperation.

“The pooling of know-how within science and industry opens up synergies that are often underestimated. At the same time, we would like to make energy storage research more holistic and add socio-technical and ecological aspects. With the European Green Deal until 2050, politics give us an immense homework that we can only manage together.”, says the coordinator Stefano Passerini, underlining the importance of transdisciplinary cooperation and exchanges.

ICMAB research infrastructures

From ICMAB, three research equipment platforms are part of the StoRIES network:

  • Our Clean Room NanoQuim platform, a set of 5 Independent Clean Rooms Including Photo-lithography, Nanoscale Physico-Chemical manufacturing and characterisation, Chemical Synthesis, Manufacturing of nano-particles suspensions and structured coatings in a highly controlled environment lab.
  • The Low Temperature and Magnetometry Lab, which allows magnetic and electric characterisation of materials between 2K and 400K by using AC DC and vibrating technologies by means of two last generation SQUID magnetometers and PPMS configurable systems up to 9T. 
  • FlowBatt Platform, composed of seven CSIC laboratories, which allow the preparation and characterization of new carbon materials, optimization of membranes and development of new electrolytes. Modelling of fluid dynamics and building and testing of full stacks is also possible.

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