#MeetTheExpert: Interview to Teresa Puig as XRE4S energy expert

The R+D+I Network Energy for Society, XRE4S, has launched a series of videos interviewing the XRE4S Director (Manel Sanmartí) and the principal investigator/expert in energy of each of the 35 groups integrating the XRE4S. Today, the floor goes to Teresa Puig to showcase the expertice on high temperature superconductors #FEDERrecerca

The XRE4S is the R+D+I Network Energy for Society, a multidisciplinary and transversal ecosystem that gathers the expertise in the energy field of the main universities and research centers in Catalonia. The main goal is to promote the technology transfer and valorisation of energy technologies to industry and society. The mission is to increase the impact of the technology transfer to the productive and social sector in Catalonia; and convert XRE4S in a pool of innovation in energy at international level.

The XRE4S has made a firm commitment to accessibility and to create more attractive formats, and is therefore launching a series of videos.

The #MeetTheExpert campaign is promoting the energy expertise and the valorization of new technologies coming from the experts themselves. The XRE4s interviews 36 experts on the topic, including our group leader, Teresa Puig, participating in the network. 

Meet our expert:

On high temperature superconductors
Teresa Puig, SUMAN Group Leader in Superconducting Materials

Levitating properties and zero resistance at liquid nitrogen temperature; the exciting properties of these materials make them attractive for energy applications as they offer a dramatic reduction on energy loss.

The work of these researchers succeed in a rich ecosystem of institutions full of experts like these. There is much more to discover, you can watch the +30 interviews in the XRE4S channel! Here you can see the Director of the XRE4S network, Manel Sanmartí, from IREC, explaining the main goals and contributors of the network. 

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