A review of high temperature superconductors for offshore wind power synchronous generators

1-s2.0-S1364032114003190-gr1 J. Lloberas, A. Sumper, M. Sanmarti and X. Granados Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 38, 404-414 (2014) DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2014.05.003 Large synchronous generators with high temperature superconductors are in constant development due to their advantages such as weight and volume reduction and the increased efficiency compared with conventional technologies. The offshore wind turbine market is growing by the day, increasing the capacity and energy production of the wind farms installed and increasing the electrical power for the electrical generators installed, consequently raising the total volume and weight for the electrical generators installed. The HTS synchronous generators (HTSSG) are an alternative to consider due to their low dimensions and low weight per megawatt. This article presents a detailed review of the geometric configurations of the large HTSSG for offshore wind energy followed by an explanation of the main non-conventional technological parts. Additionally, the experience from the most important projects – both ongoing and completed – by companies and research institutes related to the design and construction of HTSSG for offshore wind energy is reviewed.

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